A Memoir

Julie Stafford's 'The Seagull' is intimate and brave in its honest detail. A love story, it tests the boundaries of what we’ve become comfortable believing. Stafford's warm account of love reminds us how life sometimes knocks us down so we can rise higher, and how in the place we rise to, we so often find our higher, more evolved self.
At fifty-three, when her husband passed from cancer, Julie Stafford set off on a journey way beyond the perimeters of her comfort zone. She explored who she could become in the next chapter of her life without the man she'd loved for more than thirty years always by her side.
Theirs was an unexpected love story that conquered the divide between two realities, paving the way for destiny to orchestrate its magic...
She grieves lost love in Dubrovnik (a city reborn from grief and redefined by the lessons and scars of war). She reignites her spirit in the lessons of Italy's exuberance, and she asks Paris (city of love) if she's entitled to more than one extraordinary love story in one lifetime.
Julie Stafford's raw account of a life-changing set of events, in her memoir, 'The Seagull', reminds us that age doesn't define who we are or who we can become, only love (the kind that makes us feel trembling happiness everyday) defines who we are and who we can become. In her pursuit to find what destiny had always written for her, Stafford takes chances. She trusts innate instinct. Her commitment to live every infinitesimal moment of life is inspiring. Her definitions of love will uplift you. You'll feel you're with her on the streets of destinations that called her to be healed from grief so she could find her new way.
By story's end you’ll be tempted to look inside your own journey and wonder about what might transpire if you follow the lead of Stafford's footsteps. Julie Stafford reminds us, if we want to fly, we need to give up everything that weighs us down.
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