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(Debbie  South Australia)

 "...I very much enjoyed accompanying Ellie on her journey as I read ‘Seagulls on the Ganges’. In fact. I found that there was little room for other thoughts, the pages of the book grabbed me and pulled me into the story with Ellie and quite often I could feel her pain, sadness and total devastation at the loss of the love of her life. Ellie’s journey has sparked a decision in me to throw caution to the wind and to break free from my acceptance of having a mediocre life. Instead there is a little voice urging me to take a leap of faith and to declare boldly (even just to myself) that I am heading for an extraordinary life. Like Ellie, I have no clue at all as to how this might unfold, but if I can adopt her strategy and trust the words uttered in my heart rather than listening to the irritating voice that would prefer I stay small, well who knows where life will take me. Ellie encourages us to be brave and bold. She wants us to be still, to be in the moment so that we can find those signposts, the meaningful coincidences that will light our way and help us to move forward when we feel hopelessly stuck. I strongly believe in the well-worn saying - ‘the teacher will be there when the student is ready’ and I also believe that a ‘true’ teacher is not one who continues to hold his student’s hand as they move through life. For me, a ‘true’ teacher is one who is right behind me, giving me a push out into the traffic, encouraging me all the while even when I have felt far from brave. We can all look at Ellie for inspiration. For Ellie there is new life and I can feel her excitement as she begins a brand new chapter…. how exciting…this feeling is what I have been left with. There is a divine sense of wonder and excitement at how amazing this world is if only we will be brave enough to embrace all that it has to offer and say YES to everything ..."

(Davina Victoria)

"... A wonderful story of love, resilience and the human spirit. In Seagulls on the Ganges we are introduced to Ellie, a woman struggling with the loss of her soul mate. She must now face life as a single woman with all the strength and determination she can muster. As Ellie focuses on life without her great love she is soon made aware of influences and coincidences that make her ask is there is more to the life than what she could ever know. As she follows her heart in understanding these coincidences, her life takes on a new and exciting adventure taking her on wondrous and amazing travels, to breath-taking countries and cities. She meets extraordinary characters and introduces us to tantalising, exotic food. Ellie finds she is stronger than she ever thought capable, and braver than she ever thought possible. She recommits to life and learns to laugh and live again. It is in the coincidences, those little things that may seem meaningless on their own, but when taken into consideration with other coincidences, build a road for Ellie to follow. Ellie shows us that life is meant to be lived. She shows us how to step beyond her comfort zone. She takes risks, following where her heart leads her. This however is not always easy and Ellie has moments of such deep despair and loss so great we wonder how she will manage. However, there are also moments of brilliance and wonderful connections with people and places that may never have been possible had she not trusted herself. Ellie encourages us to look at life with openness, to follow thoughts, clues, indicators, that make us stop and wonder about them. We should live life not as a spectator, but as a participator, give things a go, believe that anything is possible. I like Ellie’s philosophy of finding the best we can be, trusting our instincts following coincidences, stepping out and taking charge, following the voice of your heart and the clues from the universe ready to live the life that was always written for you. Ellie challenges us to be brave, believe in ourselves, go out and grab life with both hands, don’t wait for life to come looking for us..."

(Christine Victoria)

Ellie's transparent account of her journey entranced me with every page. The depth of despair felt unbearable to the joy of finding companionship and potential love in Paris a delight. The tantalising tast buds of food along the journey made you hungry for more. The Law Of Attraction is in our every day life, but Ellie is so tuned into hers it is quite incredible. If you have never traveled this book will definitely change your mind. You must read this book. It will change your life forever.

(Kay Victoria)

While being immersed in Ellie’s journey in “Seagulls on the Ganges”, Ellie has taken my thoughts and the current directions in my life and given me greater clarity about my own journey. I feel as though I about to take wings and fly…. The principle of life that weaves its magical way through Ellie’s story – synchronicity - has become so important to me as well. Recently, I have read a few other books, Rumi oracle cards, listened to podcasts, had conversations/deep connections with close friends, attended Yin Yoga and Qi Gong classes. They all point to the same messages weaving through Ellie’s journey. I am realising more each day that my internal power and the power from the universe is there. I just need to stop, listen, reflect, learn and then move forward with renewed purpose and clarity. I am in quite a difficult stage of my life right now and after the meaningful coincidences I have been experiencing, I feel that I can let go of my fears, my overabundance of possessions, and even my house. At last I feel I can be open to moving forward into unknown new opportunities. When Ellie sold her beach home with all the memories and attachments, she didn't know what was ahead. She just knew she had to do it. I love where Ellie shares to an audience at a Cancer Fundraiser “Your spirit cannot thrive in an environment of limiting learned beliefs that create behaviours that fear change…. when in fact life is constantly changing all around you. Our ability to accept change is what grows us.” Ellie's story, as well as the other recent meaningful coincidences, in my life, affirm in me that I too am strong and I can continue to move forward and shape my destiny. I loved … “If you don’t turn your pain and suffering into a positive, then you’re more defeated by yourself than by an enemy or tragic event.” These were powerful words by G in Dubrovnik to Ellie, they had such an impact on me. Finally, I absolutely loved Rahul’s mother’s wise words to her son – “Only through your heart will you ever touch the sky my son. Your eyes can deceive you and your mind is only as clever as you are smart today.” My Yin Yoga class yesterday was about opening our heart space, in fact one pose “butterfly” allowed us to focus on the transformation from the cocoon to the butterfly. I feel that I am being cocooned, shepherded through my current transition. My yoga teacher gave me this message after class, “I am open and clear, I trust the process of life and my life is unfolding in magical ways” - synchronicity at its best! My heart is opening slowly, surely, and ready to embrace the new possibilities that will present in the future. Thank you so much Ellie for giving me the courage to stop being a victim of my circumstances. In your favourite Carl Jung’s words: “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

(Dagmar Victoria)

It's been quite a journey for me to accompany Ellie on her life's journey! What a book! Talk about synchronicity - our lives are filled with those special moments which create the colorful tapestries which make up our individual experiences. And it's the inner knowing and self awareness which makes it so exciting and helps us to move forward. Ellie has it all. Through her example it becomes a call to awaken what we may have forgotten, to contemplate, to move forward with courage, loving life to the fullest. Totally enjoyable. Thank you!It's been quite a journey for me to accompany Ellie on her life's journey! What a book! Talk about synchronicity - our lives are filled with those special moments which create the colorful tapestries which make up our individual experiences. And it's the inner knowing and self awareness which makes it so exciting and helps us to move forward. Ellie has it all. Through her example it becomes a call to awaken what we may have forgotten, to contemplate, to move forward with courage, loving life to the fullest. Totally enjoyable. Thank you!

(Sue Victoria)

Oh Julie. I have just finished your 'Seagulls on the Ganges' while sipping on a fine glass of whisky. I have so enjoyed sharing your journey, it was such an easy read and I can so, so, so see it on the screen. It bought back so many memories of our time together and opened my eyes to the parts we couldn't share. Thank you so much for giving so much of yourself.

(Lisa Victoria)

There are some books that get under your skin. You feel as if the characters are your friends and there is a sense of loss as you come to the end. Days and even weeks after, you catch yourself thinking about those characters and wondering how they are, what they might be doing… and hoping for a sequel. ‘Seagulls on the Ganges’ was such a book for me. In the midst of heart crushing loss, Ellie’s courage and spirit shone like a beacon. Rahul’s love and admiration for his mother and the lessons she taught him gladdened the heart. I found myself reminded of the truest depth of love and that the physical loss of a loved one does not signal the end. The synchronicities experienced by Ellie provided food for thought and had me looking around my own life more carefully. I was not disappointed! The power of love eclipsed the sense of loss and showed me that, while paradoxical, it is entirely possible to feel soaring happiness and joy at the same time as harrowing loss and sadness. It proved to me that love is sustaining beyond the grave and that life must be lived in honour of those we have loved and lost. I found myself cheering for Ellie as she created a life of adventure. I found myself questioning myself and what meanings I was living in my own life because one of the main themes for me was that life is to be lived joyously and not merely tolerated. I was buoyed by the friendships she made in the most unlikely of situations. I was emboldened by the choices she made. I was warmed by the love she found along the way and I found myself repeating “a reason, a season or forever” as a signpost for decisions I needed to make in my own life. I loved the humanity of Ellie’s story. She did not sanitise loss or glorify death. She did not embellish. She told her story in a deeply human way and perhaps this was the reason that I find myself thinking of her often and hoping she is still living her life boldly and that she is writing her story along the way because I would love to know more.

(Susan Victoria)

One of life's greatest blessings and gifts is to love and be loved in return. Ellie and Michael undoubtedly were deeply blessed, a unique love which many only dream of. ‘Seagulls on the Ganges’ is a tribute which honors such a love: the lovers and the loved. In losing Michael and the tangible and physical aspect of his love; I can only imagine the depth of such pain, loss and heartache. Ellie's' choice to bravely feel the brokenness of her heart allowed her to hear it whispering its wisdom to her. This resulted in her embarking on a journey of self-rediscovery, embracing the cycle of grief as a teacher. An honest, heart--moving and inspirational story where the reader can feel Ellie's tears of grief; can laugh with her awkwardness to embrace new love and can rejoice in her love for Michael, which will always be a part of her heart and soul forever. It is a book which will challenge your own worldview and philosophy on life. It will challenge you to take a deeper look within yourself; encourage you to be honest, brave and courageous like Ellie and to make positive changes for a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

(Diane Victoria)

I thoroughly enjoyed every page of ‘Seagulls On the Ganges’. I think Ellie is one of the most wonderful, clever, brave, caring and inspirational people I have ever met, I have always admired all she has done so much, her inspiration and philosophy has been my reminder over and over through the years when times get tough, how to be brave and move on in the best way we can. Like Ellie, I have had meaningful coincidences: ones that have led me to attempt things I would never have thought possible, maybe not quite as brave or amazing as those that Ellie has undertaken, but to me huge steps none the less. I thoroughly enjoyed being an armchair traveller with Ellie, following her journey through some of the most unbelievable and beautiful countries, in absolute awe all the time of her braveness as a woman travelling alone in such faraway places. I look forward to more of Ellie's travels along the way, I am sure there is more to inspire us yet.

(Malley Victoria)

Warning! Do not read this book on an empty stomach. So many delicious descriptions of Mediterranean foods. But do read this book because your heart will be full of  belief in love and the magic of life. I found it hard to put down.

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