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Taste of Life E-Publishing


Taste of Life E-Publishing was founded over a morning coffee, at my kitchen table, with my children, on December 1, 2020, the day Victoria came out of Covid Lockdown, and the borders of NSW and Queensland became open to Victorians. We talked about what our new world out of lockdown might look like. What had Covid taught us? Did we have to continue to be who we were before Covid? Could we, or more importantly, should we, reinvent ourselves! Would there be new business models in a new world after Covid? Did we have the combined skills to drive a new business model for ourselves, and if we did, what would that business model be?  We threw an idea in the middle of the table and before we knew it, we were designing a business plan for our new business model. Taste of Life Publishing was born!


Taste of life E-Publishing is a digital publishing platform for writers of books that inspire, challenge, educate, empower and better the quality of a person’s taste of life in the next chapter of their lives.


The Taste of life E-Publishing platform will support new writers to get published in the digital world to build a writing profile, develop an audience, and monetize their writing projects, and in the event they want to step into the traditional publishing arena our platform will have supported a writer's credibility  to be more recognized in the writing industry.


Often the dream of writing and publishing a book is squashed by the belief a writer will never have their work seen by a traditional publisher, so why bother. Traditional publishers rarely take risks on unknown writers anymore. At Taste of Life E-Publishing we want to quash this idea and allow those who have stories that fit our genre criteria a chance at a profitable writing future. By building a name on a digital platform, creating sales, garnering a following, a writer increases their chance of being recognized by a traditional publisher if they want to take that route. Many will discover there are huge advantages being on a digital platform with even greater monetizing streams.


Taste of Life E-Publishing is a platform to support enthusiastic new writers to publish their inspiring memoirs, self-help guide books, positive education, food and nutrition and travel stories in e-book format to reach a global audience for the purposes of profit.


The Taste of Life E-Publishing platform will also be for lovers of e-books to become a community to build their e-book libraries on their digital devices, at low cost, and to meet the authors of their favourite stories using the zoom platform.


Through a comprehensively designed writing to publish program, called ‘WRITE and PROFIT’, Taste of Life E-Publishing will support writers to create writing projects that can easily be monetized.


The program will:

  1. Teach participants to develop solid, saleable writing ideas and polish writing skills 

  2. Teach participants the skills to speed write and self-edit their project

  3. Teach participants how to format their idea into an e-book ready for the digital market

  4. Teach participants how to monetize their projects sometimes even before their book is published

  5. Teach participants how to market their book projects to garner a following on social platforms

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