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Julie Stafford

" I'm travelling solo to find the true size of myself, for isn't that the meaning of life ... our purpose ... the joy of life ... the reward of life?  I don't want to lean on others. I want to lean on myself. I don't want the distraction of others to distract me from the magic. I don't want to see my world and my space in this world through the eyes of others or even through the limitations of others. Already, I know I am brave and resilient, and that I love anticipation and the rewards of surprise. I definitely love the sound the zipper on my suitcase makes as I'm about to embark on another adventure and the thumping sound of a new stamp in my passport. I am forever reminded that there is no language barrier in a hand shake and laughter and that in the least likely people my conversations will find the clues ... like road signs of where I need to be next ... Travel has taught me tolerance, patience and abundant gratitude ... I wonder what else it has in store for me ..." Julie


1. Follow the call of your heart, choosing travel destinations calling you. If you sit for a bit with travel magazines, travel books or you visit travel websites, trust me, your next destination will call you. Don't force a travel destination on yourself because you can get a cheap deal. And, definitely don't travel to someone else's 'fav destination' expecting it will become your next fav destination too. The destination calling you has its arms full of rewards for you. It has your next lessons in life. New tribe members and memories that will live in your heart forever await you there. Allowing a destination to call you is where your transformational travel experiences begin.

2. Pack minimally. Travel is about what you carry away from your experience... not what you carry to the experience! Trust me, if your heart is pure and open to learning and growing, your smile contagious, and your generosity flawless, you will look pretty to everyone in the same dress, every day ... and the same one color lipstick, everyday.

3. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone, every minute of every day. I live by the rule that you get out of life what you give to life and if you do the same things every day your rewards will never change. What if there is more to life than same old, same old ... and because you were not prepared to step out of your comfort zone... you missed the life in life completely! I agree with the words of Shirley Valentine, when she asked her kitchen wall, "Wall, why do we have all this life if we don't live it? Why do we have all these hopes and dreams if we don't pursue them?"

4. Leave your preconceptions and judgements at home. If you travel with preconceptions and judgements you will never find the true experience and you will always be disappointed. Let life, whatever it is, teach and grow you.

5. Get excited about conversations with strangers. In their words are clues and lessons vital for the next level of your awakening. If you go seeking clues and lessons in the least likely people, clues and lessons will come seeking you through the least likely people.

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