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Inspiration & Motivation

WHY DO WE HAVE ALL THIS LIFE is a follow up title from my best-selling motivation title, 'Stepping Out'- a step-by-step guide designed to help you break free from your comfort zone, uncover new opportunities, and unleash your full potential. This transformative book of the 80's not only empowered countless readers but also launched me into the lucrative speaker's circuit, where I had the privilege of teaching both corporate and community groups about the incredible power that comes from stepping beyond the walls of their comfort zones.

In 'Stepping Out,' I delved into the psychology behind why we cling to our comfort zones and how doing so can stifle our growth and limit our opportunities. The book took readers on a journey of self-discovery, providing practical exercises and real-life examples that illustrated the profound changes that occur when we dare to venture into the unknown. 

One of the core messages of 'Stepping Out' was that growth begins at the edge of our comfort zones. This concept resonated deeply with my audiences, whether they were corporate executives looking to foster innovation within their teams or community members seeking personal growth and fulfillment. 'Stepping Out' was not about taking reckless risks, but about making calculated, courageous decisions that pushed us closer to our goals.

The impact of 'Stepping Out' extended far beyond the pages of the book. As a speaker, I had the honor of presenting these principles to diverse audiences. In corporate settings, I worked with teams to identify the comfort zones holding them back and developed strategies to overcome these barriers. 

In community groups, the focus shifted to personal development and empowerment. I encouraged individuals to recognize their inherent strengths and potential, guiding them through the process of setting and achieving ambitious goals. The feedback from these sessions was always overwhelmingly positive, with participants reporting increased confidence, motivation, and a renewed sense of purpose.

WHY DO WE HAVE ALL THIS LIFE is for the next generation of those determined to thrive in their lives rather than merely survive their lives.

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