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My large scale acrylic paintings in the 'Believing in Seagulls' series with captivating narratives woven into each canvas will reveal unexpected tales that are sure to thrill and surprise. Perhaps the allure of the vibrant energy and kaleidoscope of colors on the canvas will beckon your interest. Alternatively, you might find yourself mesmerized by the intricate stories behind each piece. 

In the realm of my artistic expression, I favor bold acrylics meticulously layered and rippled to impart an aged effect onto artist-quality canvas. However, my artistic palette extends beyond the conventional, often intertwining different mediums such as ink and collage with acrylic to create a harmonious symphony of textures and visual richness to express the intended story.

My original paintings, deserving of expansive wall spaces, are destined to become a radiant addition to diverse environments, including apartments, home offices, entrance hallways, beach houses, wine bars, restaurants, and corporate spaces. The magic of my extraordinary seagulls can be acquired as fine art prints meticulously reproduced on Giclee art paper, and elegantly framed behind glass.


Alternatively, each work stands poised to become a spectacular focal point as a large, unframed canvas—a statement piece that transcends conventional boundaries.

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