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 Chase After the Life in Your Life 

Julie Stafford stands out as an exceptional motivational speaker, offering compelling and empowering discussions on embracing life's challenges in her keynotes and after-dinner speaking presentations. Renowned for her candid and direct communication style, she combines entertainment with education to inspire diverse audiences.


Having navigated through significant personal challenges, Julie's resilience shines as she refuses to succumb to victimhood, consistently approaching difficulties with solution-driven outcomes. Her transformative journey includes a shift from teaching art to becoming the author of Australia's fastest selling healthy-eating cookbook, 'Taste of Life,' amid her husband's life-threatening cancer diagnosis. With subsequent best-selling cookbooks (twenty-two titles in total) and the successful establishment of two health food restaurants, Julie's impact has had a global reach.

Throughout the '80s and '90s, Julie Stafford's influence in changing eating habits is evident, reflecting her commitment to a health-oriented food philosophy that resonates with a generation.

Julie's notable presentation, 'Chase the Life in your Life,' derived from her best-selling motivation title, 'Stepping Out,' engages audiences of all ages, challenging and stretching them to embrace change proactively.


Recognizing change as an inevitable and necessary force, Julie emphasizes its transformative power in our lives.

She poses thought-provoking questions, urging audiences to be prepared and willing to face unexpected changes, differentiating between merely surviving and thriving.


Julie's motivation underscores the stagnation that occurs without embracing change, emphasizing the risk of allowing circumstances to define individual potential.


With a proven track record, Julie has captivated audiences ranging from 5 to 5000, making her a sought-after motivational speaker with a unique ability to inspire positive transformation.

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It's never too late to make a fresh start ...

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You are always only ever one step away from a new life ...

At 55, an established international best-selling author, with sales exceeding

2.2million copies worldwide, and successful corporate speaker, Julie changed direction. She set off to discover who she would become in the next chapter of her life without the man she’d adored for

more than 25 years. Julie's husband Bruce was diagnosed with a terminal, totally unrelated cancer to his first cancer in 2003, losing his fight in 2006.


Chasing more of the life in her life, she quickly fell in love with the sound a zipper made on her suitcase. The thump of a passport stamp became her new music. She read arrival and departure boards at airports like most others read great novels. Conversations with strangers taught her that your best lessons are sometimes found in the least most likely characters, and often, destinations will call you when you're ready for their lessons.



There was that time she nearly spent all of her children's inheritance in just one hotel booking in Paris! Another time she was offered 10 camels to marry a handsome Bedouin, in Morocco! Serendipity seemed to be involved when she got lost in the oldest Medina in the world but found herself at the steps of a palace that she had always wanted to stay. There was also the time she stalled the carpet seller's advances in the bazaar, in Istanbul, teaching the seller one of the greatest lessons her travels had already taught her.


Julie's solo woman travel experiences have now taken her across several continents.

Exploring the world, while at the same time exploring her capacity to embrace change and be brave, Julie explored writing memoir and fiction, photography, and painting. The result is her heart-warming debut novel, ‘Seagulls on the Ganges’ - a fictionalized account of her own love story, and the journey she traveled after loss to reclaim her new self.

Julie's stories will astound you ...

but mostly they will inspire and motivate you to chase after your extraordinary life

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Why live ordinary when you
can live extraordinary?

Julie's stories are extraordinary

 Julie will entertain and ignite the passions in your audience in both their private and professional lives? Have your team walking away inspired and motivated to step a little bit further outside the walls of their comfort zone to chase after the life in their life, bringing new meaning to both their professional and private lives.

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