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 Personally curated for you by Julie Stafford and delivered to you by the team at LUXURY TOURS MOROCCO Five Nights Sahara Desert is suitable for the solo woman traveler, couples, mother and daughters, girlfriend getaways, and small groups. 


You will drive in 4-wheel air-conditioned comfort to arrive at your five star glamping accommodation in the desert for three nights where every detail of your comfort is met. During your time in the desert you will be expertly guided or transported to experience the highlights of the magical Sahara.

Add Five Nights Sahara Desert to any other package on the LUXURY TOURS MOROCCO website and taste, see and feel more of Morocco on your visit there.

"A once in a lifetime experience ..."

If Morocco has always been a travel destination on your mind and you're wondering where to start, or perhaps you've already tasted some of Morocco and you're looking to broaden your experiences in this ancient land of beauty, exotic and mystical, please register your interest below.


Having traversed over 17,500 kilometers through a country teeming with experiences that etch themselves into the recesses of your heart, I am eager to share some of these transformative journeys with you.

Among the myriad landscapes that have left an indelible mark on my soul, the Sahara Desert stands as an eternal favorite. The expedition can unfold from the enchanting cities of Casablanca, Fez or Marrakesh, and while the ultimate destination is the desert itself, the sojourn to and from this mystical realm is a sensory spectacle that promises to amaze and dazzle.

A highlight of this odyssey is the traverse over the majestic Atlas Mountains, a geological masterpiece that serves as a natural divider between the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline and the boundless Sahara Desert. This journey encompasses diverse terrains, ranging from snow-peaked mountains to meandering rivers, captivating canyons, and awe-inspiring ravines. Brace yourself for an odyssey through two or three climates in a single day, as you immerse in the tapestry of different cultures, catch glimpses of wildlife, and witness the rhythmic existence of Berber villages scattered across the plains and desert. The culmination of this journey unfolds as you arrive at your opulent five-star luxurious abode in VIP tents amidst the dunes, setting the stage for a sunset that paints the desert hues beyond imagination, a stillness that resonates with the soul, and a sky adorned with stars in colors that defy description until witnessed firsthand.

Facilitating this immersive Moroccan odyssey is the unparalleled team at Luxury Tours Morocco, the architects of your every moment in the country. Not only do they curate the journey to and from the desert, but they also own the camp where you'll find solace in the heart of the Sahara. Your needs become their priority, as they navigate Morocco's landscapes with a commitment to excellence. Their solid relationships with premier accommodations, exceptional restaurants, and internal travel providers ensure that every step of your Morocco experience is not only unique but also extraordinary.

In the presence of the Sahara Desert, prepare for an adventure that will snatch your breath away before leaving you in awed silence—an encounter with the sublime that transcends words.

Nomad Desert

Five Nights Sahara Desert

is suitable for the solo woman traveler, couples, honeymooners, mother and daughters, girlfriend getaways, corporate work-shopping, families and small groups.

You will stay in luxurious 5 STAR accommodation from your starting and finishing points, in either Fez or Marrakesh, and along the way to the desert, before you arrive and stay at Luxury Tours Morocco 5 STAR luxury desert camps.


This is truly an experience like no other. 

You can have the choice of LUXURY TOURS MOROCCO delivering you to the desert from Fez or Marrakesh (with a one night stop-over to break the miles and distance to the desert in both directions), giving you one or two nights in the desert. If you would like to stay in the desert for longer than one or two nights, I recommend a quick flight from Casablanca to Zagora, where the team at LUXURY TOURS MOROCCO will collect you from the airport and either deliver you back to the airport or drive you out, in either the direction toward Fez or Marrakesh.

In this way you could have 2-4 nights in the desert.


Flights are operated by Air Maroc or you could even hire a private jet!

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