Sahara Desert


2020 or 2021

personally curated for you by Julie Stafford

If Morocco has always been a travel destination on your mind and you're wondering where to start, or perhaps you've already tasted some of Morocco and you're looking to broaden your experiences in this ancient land of beauty, exotic and mystical, please register your interest below.


Julie has vast travel experiences across Morocco. She has traveled more than 12,500km across a country that is full of experiences that will live in your heart for a lifetime. The Sahara Desert is one of Julie's favorites adventures. The journey can begin from Fez or Marrakesh and although the purpose of the journey is to arrive in the desert the travel to and from the desert will amaze and dazzle your senses. In particular the rise and fall over the majestic Atlas Mountains that separate the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline from the Sahara Desert. You'll cover ranges of diverse terrain, snow-peaked mountains, rivers, canyons and ravines and you'll experience two or three climates in a day. On your way to the desert you'll taste different cultures, glimpse wildlife, and spy Berber villages dotted across the plains and desert, and then you'll arrive over the dunes to your five star accommodation in tents and experience a sunset, a stillness, and a sky of stars the color you cannot imagine until you are there yourself.

Don't miss Julie's desert adventure. It is a once in a lifetime experience.


Your travel in Morocco will be delivered by the incomparable team at

Luxury Tours Morocco. Your every need is their priority. They have built solid relationships with only the best accommodations, restaurants and internal travel providers in Morocco so your Morocco experience is always unique and exceptional.

Julie's personally curated Sahara Desert adventure will take your breath away before it leaves you speechless.

Julie Stafford's


is suitable for the solo woman traveler, couples, honeymooners, mother and daughters, girlfriend getaways, corporate work-shopping, families and small groups.

You will stay in luxurious 5 STAR accommodation from your starting and finishing points, in either Fez or Marrakesh, and along the way to the desert, before you arrive and stay at Luxury Tours Morocco 5 STAR luxury desert camps.


This is truly an experience like no other. 

You can have the choice of Luxury Tours Morocco delivering you to the desert from Fez or Marrakesh (with a one night stop-over to break the miles and distance to the desert in both directions), giving you one or two nights in the desert. If you would like to stay in the desert for longer than one or two nights, Julie recommends a quick flight from Casablanca to Zagora, where the team at Luxury Tours Morocco will collect you from the airport and either deliver you back to the airport or drive you out, in either the direction of Fez or Marrakesh. In this way you could have 2-4 nights in the desert.


Flights are operated by Air Maroc or you could even hire a private jet!



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