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Beautiful Desert

"It's only when you look back over your life can you see how the chapters of your life sped by as fast as shifting sand blows fast across desert dunes, changing their shape and form so much so that the desert is no longer as it once was, or will ever be again. And so, it's the same for we mere mortals. Every day, we are tested before we are transformed by the winds of the lessons of our experiences so that we're ready to travel new roads that are the chapters of our new life. " 


Julie Stafford

I've had such a blessed life all because I dared to test my ability to write. My writing has opened up so many doors of opportunity for me. It made my life meaningful, colorful and profitable! I never really saw it coming, but when life served up a curve ball, demanding I must take a new direction, I found, in that new direction, the roads I was always meant to travel ... and travel has become my new love affair.


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Before I began writing seriously, I could never have imagined the joy it would bring me. It's provided me with many successes. It is a constant reminder  that in listening to your heart, and taking that first step into what feels right, an extraordinary adventure and passionate life is your reward.

Today, I combine all my loves of writing, food, travel, painting and photography into projects that nurture my spirit and fulfil my desire to grow in every chapter of my life as I look forward with a heart full of gratitude.


In sharing my loves, I hope I inspire and motivate you to grab hold of your life, shake it up, stir it about, and plan exciting futures for you too. As Shirley Valentine once said ...

"Why do we have all this life if we don't live it? Why do we have all these hopes and dreams if we don't fulfill them?" 

My 22 healthy-eating cookbooks (the 'Taste of Life' series) that sold more than 2.2million copies worldwide, not only changed a generation’s eating habits, they changed my life too. Through the 80's and 90's I opened healthy eating restaurants and collaborated with food and appliance manufacturers to produce some of the best appliances in a new health aware market. 

My self-help title, ‘Stepping Out’, published in 1990, procurred speaking opportunities on the lucrative speaker’s circuit. 

Not wanting to be pigeon-holed as merely a cookbook or motivation author, I wrote my memoir, "An Unexpected Love Story'. My debut novel, ‘Seagulls on the Ganges’ (loosely based on my memoir) was published in India, in 2018. This book not only encouraged my travels to Dubrovnik, Paris, and Varanasi - (destinations where the book is set), it encouraged me to take up photography and painting too; and, it later dared me to adapt my story (born of personal experiences) into screenplay... now, to get the movie made!



Tasting Life 

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