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This seagull is a reminder that when you just let go and let be, the answers that you are seeking come naturally to you. Answers came to me on my journey through love, loss, and grief when I stopped my rushing, sat in silence, and stepped beyond the walls of my emotions. I learned to simply be in the moment.


My seagulls represent moments in my journey through love, loss, grief and building a new life for myself after losing the love of my life, after a thirty year love affair, and finding a disorientated seagull on my beach house balcony just days after his passing.  My full story is  told in my debut novel, 'Seagulls on the Ganges' (available at my website) .


My book has become a platform to share those things which are unexpected, unexplainable yet in their believing they encouraged you to ask questions so that you might know more about your ever evolving world. My seagulls invite you to look deeply into your everyday experiences to find those colliding events (too coincidental to ignore) that connect you to your bigger story. 



Is a limited-edition fine art print (one of only 10 per images in each size) printed on ILLFORD GALERIE TEXTURED COTTON RAG 310gsm, using inkjet printing to create the finest original art image.


Each print is signed by the artist and numbered.

Your print comes with a white border around the four sides of the print.

We use the same papers used in artworks at museums around the globe. Only Epson and Canon colour pigment printers are used. The result is unsurpassed colour depth using inks that meet the most stringent archival standards. They also set the international standard in fine art print image quality.



You will receive a signed certificate of authentication of your print.



Please handle your fine art print with CARE. Even the cleanest of hands can leave fingerprint marks! We suggest the best way to handle and protect your fine art print is to only handle it wearing soft white gloves or take your print directly to your framer who will handle your print with the utmost care and discuss framing options with you to suit the space you intend hanging your print.




We will replace your print if it is damaged in its delivery (see conditions)



Because your print is part of a limited series of fine art prints printed to order, there are NO EXCHANGES, RETURNS OR REFUNDS. Please choose carefully when choosing your print and the size of your print. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you want to return your purchase because of damage that occurred during delivery, you will need to show proof of damage (with photographs) within 7 days of receiving your purchase. There are NO EXCHANGES, RETURNS OR REFUNDS, however we will replace your print if it is damaged in the delivery. If you need a replacement for a damaged print, please email us and one of our team will get back to you.


NOTE: Please carefully inspect your shipping package on the day of its arrival as we require your written notification and proof of damage WITHIN 7 DAYS of your receipt of the package.



Your print is manufactured in Australia and will be shipped between seven to fourteen (7-14) business days from the date of your order. Please make sure you enter all your correct address details.




Your print will be shipped worldwide in its cardboard tube with insurance & tracking



Both the colour and shape of a frame are distinctive features that will enhance and complement your print so spend time to work with a framing agent who understands the logistics of good framing. You can also find inexpensive solutions to framing online. These prints look great in a bold black frame, a white frame or a light wood oak frame.



Full-bleed framing (the image sits edge to edge) is great for any print with a lot of negative (or empty) space.

Adding an extra border (or Matt) around your print can draw the eye towards the centre.

The width of the border can be determined by balancing the space between the frame and image.



Choose from Rustic to Modern frame shapes and style to compliment the image and room and match the colour with one in your image or with your decor.


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