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You are always only ever one step away from a new chapter in your life ...
Turn your dreams into a reality.
Reinvent yourself. You are not too old!
Turn that great idea into a profitable business.
Stop living someone else's life. Live your life.
Don't waste time manifesting, invest more time in doing.
Up-skill in the new-world.
You were born to thrive, not merely survive.
Don't become a victim of your circumstance. Find the opportunity in your circumstance.
You are the story you tell yourself every time you look in the mirror.
Time doesn't stand still, so you shouldn't either. 
Success is the consequence of the action you take today.
Are you thinking outside of the box or are you sheltering in the safety of inside the box.
If you stepped outside your comfort zone just 5% more what would your life look like?
What do you want your life to look like?
What's holding you back?



anywhere in the world ...


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# You're only ever one decision away from a new chapter in your life.

# Make your dreams a reality.

# Walk a little on the wild side.

# Step out of your comfort zone and open new doors.

# Discover all the possibilities of you.

# One conversation can make a world of difference.

# It's your life. What are you waiting for?

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Invest in a Life Coach who has had extraordinary life experiences, understands the power of turning dreams into a reality, self-motivation, success mapping, accountability, commitment, perseverance, conversations with strangers and community contribution.
Invest in a Life Coach who isn't afraid to take risks, embrace change, and not be overwhelmed by challenges.
In the 80's and 90's I had a spell as a television personality with my 22 best-selling 'Taste of Life' cookbooks. My books took me around Australia and New Zealand, every year, for 22 years. They also took me to USA and UK.  I've been interviewed on all the most relevant television and radio, and in newspapers and magazines in Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK.
I ran two successful restaurants in Melbourne and Regional Victoria. In between, I was a speaker on the lucrative speaker's circuit amassing more than 1500 presentations to community and corporate groups.
In 1997, I released a self-help title, 'Stepping Out'. It became a best-seller.
I sat on the boards of the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute where I was awarded the position of Governor for services to cancer research. I was also the Chair of Ballarat Tourism, a board member of Ballarat Advantage and both a board member and Chair of the very successful Committee for Ballarat.
I conceptualized and, for more than 10 years, I managed (in an honorary capacity) one of regional Australia's biggest one day events (Springfest Extravaganza) that generated millions of dollars for its community.
I have been involved in more than 13 property development projects, both residential and commercial.
More recently, I've changed my writing genre from food and self-help titles, releasing my debut novel, 'Seagulls on the Ganges' and also delivering it in a screenplay format.
But that's not all, I'm embracing this new, exciting world of digital publishing and distribution, releasing my 'Seagulls on the Ganges' as a digital product.
For 15 years I've traveled extensively across countries including Croatia, Morocco, France and Portugal and I now curate tours for the spirited adventurer across Morocco and sailing in Croatia.
I've fallen in love with photography and gone back to my art roots turning art productions into fine art prints.
I've held two successful art exhibitions and look forward to a third.
I understand loving relationships, having been privileged to live an exceptional relationship with my husband, Bruce, for near on thirty-years. I know the challenges and rewards of parenting having raised a son and daughter, now adults, and I'm blessed to say I'm a grandparent with three adorable, amazing grandchildren.




LIFE Mapping 

writing a new chapter based on the lessons learned from your past chapters.

2 HRS of life changing coaching to help you define your way forward. This session can be achieved in person or via ZOOM.



COST $799

You won't get ordinary from me. I think from outside the box. I will challenge you and encourage you to achieve your extraordinary life too.
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turning accountability into reality for dynamic results

8HRS of life changing coaching to help you turn your way forward into a reality.



COST $1599