I'm so pleased you found me here ...


I'm guessing you have arrived here because you love good health, food, travel, writing or photography. Possibly you have come to see my art! These are all my passions. 


I am on a mission to taste all that life offers and I'd love to bring you along for the experience to inspire and empower you to find the roads you were always destined to walk. If COVID-19 has taught us anything surely it is not to waste time doing the things

that do not bring pleasure, transformation and growth. Time on this planet is not a given. It's time to make the moments count.


Perhaps you are looking for travel inspirations, whether you are an armchair traveler or you are looking for that next amazing destination when we come out of lock down.


Need some healthy food ideas? I Still have some copies of the very popular Taste of Life cooks and I am currently updating recipes to bring you a new, digital series of E-Cookbooks.


Are you looking for writing inspirations and how to publish your ideas for profit?


Need help with your photography for social media platforms? 

But first, let me say, I hope you love my debut novel. It's a few steps away from my successful career in healthy eating cookbook publishing, but the loud whispers of my heart have led me to a new love affair - writing fiction and self-publishing.


Do you have one of my 'Taste of Life' cookbooks? I loved this chapter of my life,writing more than 22 healthy eating cookbooks and travelling the world promoting them and speaking to more than 1500 corporate and community groups on the benefits of managing your own health, but I wanted to challenge myself more and so I explored a new style of writing... MEMOIR, FICTION and SCREENPLAY.


If you know my story you'll see some similarities between my main character, Ellie, and myself, in my debut novel, 'Seagulls on the Ganges'. Hope you will love it.


In between developing new recipes for my E-Cookbooks, I'm already on to the sequel of 'Seagulls on the Ganges' set against the backdrop of Morocco.


My novel has also been adapted for the BIG SCREEN. I never imagined I'd write a screenplay! Another big learning curve, reminding me that you are never too old to learn new skills! 

Thanks for joining me here. 

Now, lets have some fun.


Julie Stafford 


Taste of Life

Julie is the author of the best-selling series of healthy eating cookbooks, 'Taste of Life', that sold more than 2.2 million copies around the world. Her cookbooks changed a generation's eating habits.

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As the sun falls lower and lower on anot


Julie Stafford 

Julie travels extensively each year looking for adventures and to unlock the lessons of life that you can only find on the road ... 

Julie curates travel journeys in Morocco, Croatia and Paris. If you would like to join one of her journeys or have Julie curate a journey for you, contact Julie, or be an armchair traveler and follow Julie's travel Instagram and read her travel blogs. Be inspired by her adventures. Meet extraordinary characters. Taste mouthwatering dishes. Explore destinations beyond your dreams.

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coaching with

Julie Stafford 

# You are only ever one decision away from a new life.

# Make your dreams a reality.

# Walk a little on the wild side.

# Step out of your comfort zone.

# Discover all the possibilities of you.

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Julie Stafford presents ....

'Publish to Profit' a program designed to bring your IN-TELL (your intelligence) into the E-TELL (E commerce world) exploring its leverage in profits ...

So, you've always wanted to write, but you haven't known where to begin or how to finish? You wonder if your idea is publishable. Perhaps you are a blogger. (There's money in blogging!) You might want to share your life experiences to leave for a grandchild and you are wondering how to best present the idea. Perhaps you're sitting on a BESTSELLER ... even a movie script ... even a memoir? Or, you might be interested in pursuing extra income writing travel articles and getting them published.


'Publish to Profit' is not just a writing exercise. It looks at how you can take your INTELL (intelligence) and turn it into E-TELL (an E-Book) for profit.

With more than 30 titles to her writing career, 17 best-selling cookbooks, her debut E-Book novel and about to publish 7 new E-Cookbooks,  Julie Stafford will help you find your voice and guide you to the finish line. 

Group Lecture

Julie has spoken to over 1500 corporate and community groups about lifestyle choices and turning challenges into transformational change.

Julie introduces you to old favorites and new recipes with ingredients and flavors inspired by her travels. She will share with you her favorite kitchen appliances and products that she loves to use in her healthy recipes.

Photo Studio Lights

Whether you love taking photographs for your social media and marketing or you simply love to gather great shots of family, friends and nature to capture a memory, Julie will help you to capture the magic in a moment and then edit for professional results, using her favorite apps.  


Julie's medium is vibrant acrylic on large canvas. Her stories are always of her seagulls and their connection to her poignant love story, told in her debut novel, 'Seagulls on the Ganges'. Each seagull comes with its own special story.


Julie's art will thrill and surprise you.​ Her seagulls deserve large wall spaces and would be perfect to brighten up apartments, beach houses, wine bars, restaurants and corporate spaces.

Julie's forthcoming exhibition will be announced soon.


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