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MEMOIRS - tell us your inspiring personal story to inspire and enrich the lives of others. Perhaps its your whole story or it may be a passage of time within your story that is particularly relevant to tell. What challenge/s did you overcome? What is the motivation or magic that drives you? What are your memories? Maybe you are the guardian of a family member's story that should be told. Can you build a memoir around food... the secrets of family around a table?
P.S. A memoir is any nonfiction narrative writing based in the author's personal memories. The assertions made in the work are thus understood to be factual.
TRAVEL STORIES and TRAVEL GUIDE BOOKS - to encourage people to travel and have a meaningful travel experience.
P.S. Keep these quotes in mind. "We travel not to escape life, but for the life in us not to escape us" and, "We don't travel to destinations, destinations call us when we are ready for their lessons."
PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY - turn your Instagram pages into a meaningful book
More than ever, we live in a visual world. Instagram has given us a platform to tell our stories in photographs. We post massive amounts of content yet most people will never get to see it. What if we could give you the option of turning your content into e-books and publish them on our platform for you to earn a profit? We will help you find the stories and the clear messages in your content to produce a beautiful book that may just change someone's life
P.S. Don't just post photos that disappear fast from the algorithm. Allow your photos to become part of a greater story.
SELF-HELP and DEVELOPMENT - educative, transformational, philosophical and insightful. What would you like to pass down to the next generation or pass on to the existing generation that will gift them a greater taste of life in their next chapter?  Can you write a How To ... book?
P.S. We are not looking for manuals here. 
WELLBEING - food, nutrition, exercise, meditation and yoga for the embodiment of good health. We are looking for all sorts of ideas from around the world of what constitutes good health in your country and how you can deliver that message easily and digestible to a global audience.
P.S. We are especially looking for food ideas from the Mediterranean.
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