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Julie Stafford presents ....

'Publish to Profit' a program designed to bring your IN-TELL (your intelligence) into the E-TELL (E commerce world) exploring its leverage in profits ...

So, you've always wanted to write, but you haven't known where to begin or how to finish? You wonder if your idea is publishable. Perhaps you are a blogger. (There's money in blogging!)

You might want to share your life experiences to leave for a grandchild and you are wondering how to best present the idea. 


Perhaps you're sitting on a BESTSELLER ... even a movie script ... even a memoir? Or, you might be interested in pursuing extra income writing travel articles and getting them published.


'Publish to Profit' is not just a writing exercise. It looks at how you can take your INTELL (intelligence) and turn it into E-TELL (an E-Book) for profit.

With more than 30 titles to her writing career, 17 best-selling cookbooks, her debut E-Book novel and about to publish 7 new E-Cookbooks,  Julie Stafford will help you find your voice for your project and guide you to the finish line.