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Online Class

a one-on-one mentoring program
designed to support writers begin profitable writing futures...

Julie Stafford


 turning your INTELL (your story, intelligence, creativity and imagination) into E-TELL (an E-Book) for profit.

  • But you don't known where to begin or how to finish?

  • You wonder if your idea is publishable?

  • You ask, "Is there any money in publishing to make it worth your while?" The answer is "Yes."

  • You understand the needs and desires of your unique market and you have their best interests at heart, wanting to connect and interact with them, but how do you do this in a book? 

  • You understand problems and have unique solutions, but how do you get from here to a book?

  • Today, the Self-Help genre is lucrative, usually leading to well paid speaking engagements. Currently, it's missing female voices! Where are you?

  • Your visual content on Instagram holds massive book potential and income opportunities.

  • There are more ways than ever to make income from a book than mere royalty payments.

  • Maybe you are a blogger. (There's money in turning your blogs into a bigger story). Let us help you. 

  • Possibly, you're sitting on a BESTSELLER memoir... what if it could become a movie? How will you know if you don't get started?

  • Learn how to turn a simple idea into a money-making book.

  • Learn how to write what your heart whispers.

  • Learn fast track writing methods.

  • Learn how to write chapter headings that pique a reader's interest.

  • Learn how to self edit.

  • Learn how to create an e-book.

  • Learn how to take awesome photos on an iPhone to add color and intrigue to your book.

  • Learn how to build a following.

  • Learn how to monetize your book.

  • Learn how to add your book to the big platforms.

  • Learn how to use your e-book credibility to knock on a traditional publisher's door.

So, you've always wanted to write a book ...
The mentoring program  covers the following -
  1. Teaches participants to develop an idea into a book and polish writing skills specific to an e-audience

  2. Teaches participants how to speed write their book and self-edit their project

  3. Teaches participants how to format their book into an e-book ready for the digital market

  4. Teaches participants how to monetize their projects sometimes even before their book is published

  5. Teaches participants how to market their book projects to garner a following on social platforms

The program is delivered as download tutorials that you can cover in your own time at your own speed. You will also receive a workbook manual.

Launching January 2023

Thanks for submitting!

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