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entrepreneurial spirit.


Embracing the title of entrepreneur brings a unique thrill that resonates with the pursuit of purposeful passions and the transformation of these passions into lucrative income streams. The joy visible in an entrepreneur's smile is a testament to the freedom of being a self-directed agent, chasing dreams and achieving profitability on one's terms, either independently or with a dedicated team.


Unlike the conventional paths advocated in the past, my journey into entrepreneurship was unforeseen. Growing up, societal expectations leaned towards safer professions, like becoming a doctor, a nurse or a school teacher, and so I became somewhat of a reluctant art teacher. But when life took an unexpected turn when my husband faced life-threatening cancer, the challenge led me to explore the connection between diet, disease, and immunity, resulting in a groundbreaking eating plan that not only helped my husband overcome his cancer but also evolved into a series of more than twenty-two influential healthy-eating cookbooks, that reshaped a generations eating habits in the 80s and 90s.

Choosing to be a free agent enabled me to craft a successful career, authoring my 'Taste of Life' healthy-eating cookbook series producing one or two books annually for 15 years and establishing three health food restaurants across Australia. My decision also opened doors for collaborations with appliance and food manufacturers, contributing to the burgeoning health-conscious market.


Ten years into my career as a best-selling healthy-eating cookbook author I recognized I had arrived at my successful  place by being brave enough to let my old life go, step out of my comfort zone by applying myself to learning something new and being disciplined and committed to a process I loved. And so, I authored 'Stepping Out' - a motivational guide outlining the transformative steps required to pursue one's goals. My book propelled me into a five-year stint on the lucrative speaker circuit, seeing me address over 1500 corporate and community groups on fostering a healthy mindset and lifestyle.


With savings to invest, my husband and I ventured into a combined entrepreneurial project, in property development. Our portfolio expanded to nine properties, encompassing residential, commercial, and coastal holdings.


Entrepreneurs don't always involve themselves in projects for financial benefits. Entrepreneurs, adept at thinking creatively and adaptively, looking at the bigger picture, often find themselves sought after for board positions, mentoring and think-tank consultations. I've certainly had the privilege of serving on boards in tourism, cancer research, and business development, where I have been able to make contributions while at the same time gaining insights that have significantly influenced my decision-making approach in all my entrepreneurial pursuits.


Today, my entrepreneurial background continues to shape my endeavors as I explore new passions, creating income streams aligned with my current lifestyle. My love of writing and solo travel has become an opportunity to secure diverse income sources; in particular, sharing my solo woman adventure stories, and curating exceptional travel experiences, blogs and books for my travel audience and transforming my passion for photography into a thriving print business.


Multiple book concepts are in progress. Now, with the support of AI and a growth demand in the digital product (downloadable products) there is no better time to write a book or create a guide or course. The digital product offers unique advantages. There are no physical products to store or ship, so you don't have to worry about inventory, manufacturing, or shipping costs, and production costs are low. This helps ensure higher profit margins.


A movie script has been written loosely based on my extraordinary life and I've reignited my artistic passion, exploring innovative avenues for my art to find its audience and generate income.


As a female entrepreneur, the journey is not just about business; it's about empowerment, resilience, doing what you love everyday, and creating a legacy that reflects the strength of your purpose - living and leading with entrepreneurial spirit.



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