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Welcome to my new taste of life

I've had such a blessed life all because writing opened so many doors to me. It made my life both colorful and profitable. It would not have been possible if for not a most insightful man willing to take a chance on me – an unknown writer.

My 22 healthy-eating cookbooks that sold more than 2.2million copies around the world not only changed a generation’s eating habits they led me to opening restaurants and working with food manufactures and appliance manufacturers in the health industry. They also took me around the world on book promotion tours, several times over.  

My self-help book, titled, ‘Stepping Out’, opened doors to the lucrative speaker’s circuit and began my coaching and mentoring.

My debut novel, ‘Seagulls on the Ganges’ not only encouraged my travels to Dubrovnik, Paris, and Varanasi, it encouraged me to take up photography and painting. I’ve held 2 successful art exhibitions and I’m about to launch a print shop with my artworks and travel photography. But possibly it was ‘Seagulls on the Ganges’ that has gifted me the greatest gift of all. It has taught me to have faith in the whispers of my heart and to follow where my heart wants to lead me.


My travels have led me to unimaginable places where I've discovered stories, from the most extraordinary brave, intuitive, caring, emphatic, intelligent and committed people, who want to thrive rather than merely survive their lives, making contributions to their communities, making other people's lives more meaningful, wanting to fake it until they made it - some in a small way, and others in a big way.


I want to share some of these stories with you and build upon this idea of what we learn in life when we dare to take that first step. So, in the year after Covid asked us all to look at our lives differently, I am. I'm garnering all my wise years of experiences and expertise and I'm launching a publishing company. But not just any publishing company. I want to publish stories that will enrich your taste of life as you move through your next chapter. These are the stories that mean the most to me.

Because we have learned to be entertained, educated, and rewarded by others’ wisdom and experiences in a digital way (Instagram mostly), my method of publishing will be e-books for the digital world.

Deciding what I might call my new business was a no-brainer. I hope you love my new e-publishing model, Taste of Life E-Publishing, and I hope that if you have a book idea, a half-written manuscript or a manuscript finished and gathering dust in a bottom drawer  ... you might consider publishing on our platform!

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we are looking for submissions to launch our
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Taste of Life E-Publishing


Why not pitch us your ideas, half-written manuscripts or finished manuscripts ... if you are ready to be a writer, we are ready for you. Check out the genres we are looking for and discover the benefits of being one of our authors @



Before I began writing, I never imagined I was capable of 22 best-selling cookbooks, a best-selling self-help title, a memoir, a debut novel, and a screenplay. Of course, every successful journey begins with a step. You just must be brave enough to take that first step ...

"Why do we have all of this life if we don't live it?"
Shirley Valentine 
Pebble Beach






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