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Being an entrepreneur brings a unique thrill that resonates with the pursuit of purposeful passions

and the transformation of these passions into lucrative income streams. I've been an entrepreneur/my own boss for over four decades! My smile is a testament to the freedom of being a self-directed agent, chasing dreams

and achieving personal growth and profitability on my terms.


Unlike the conventional paths advocated in the past (be a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, an accountant, work to build someone else's success), my journey into entrepreneurship was unforeseen. Growing up, parental expectations leaned towards a safe profession. Be a school teacher they said, and so I became somewhat of a reluctant art teacher. But when life took an unexpected turn when my husband faced life-threatening cancer, the challenges we faced together led me to explore the connection between diet and how it might rebuild a compromised immune system. My research resulted in a groundbreaking eating plan that not only helped my husband overcome his cancer but also evolved into a series of more than twenty-two much-loved healthy-eating cookbooks, that reshaped a generations eating habits in the 80s and 90s. And so, my self-employment, entrepreneurial journey began. 


Choosing to be a free agent enabled me to craft a successful career, authoring my 'Taste of Life' healthy-eating cookbook series producing one and sometimes two cookbooks annually for 15 years and establishing three different health food restaurants in Victoria and South Australia. My decision to go it alone and follow my new passion also opened doors for consulting and collaborations with appliance and food manufacturers, contributing to the burgeoning health-conscious market of the 80s and 90s.


Ten years into my career as a best-selling healthy-eating cookbook author I recognized I'd arrived at my successful  place by being brave enough to let go of my old life, step out of my comfort zone by applying myself to learning something new and being disciplined and committed to a new way of working that I loved. And so, I authored 'Stepping Out' - a motivational guide outlining the transformative steps required to pursue personal goals. My book propelled me into a five-year stint on the lucrative speaker circuit, seeing me address over 1500 corporate and community groups on fostering a healthy mindset and lifestyle. Added to this, my (cancer-free) husband and I ventured into a combined entrepreneurial project, in property development. Our portfolio expanded to nine properties, encompassing residential, commercial, and coastal holdings. This was such an exciting time of our lives.


Over the years, I would learn that entrepreneurs don't always involve themselves in projects for financial gain. Entrepreneurs, adept at thinking creatively and adaptively, looking at the bigger picture, often find themselves sought after for board positions, mentoring and think-tank consultations. I've certainly had the privilege of serving on boards in tourism, cancer research, and business development, where I've made contributions while at the same time gaining insights that have significantly influenced my decision-making in all my entrepreneurial endeavours.


Today, my entrepreneurial background continues to shape my endeavors as I explore new passions, creating personal fulfillment and growth and income streams aligned with my current lifestyle. My love of writing and solo travel has become an opportunity to secure diverse income sources; in particular, sharing my solo woman adventure stories, and curating exceptional travel experiences, writing books for my travel audience, and transforming my passion for photography and painting into a print business.


I've multiple book concepts in progress as well as a pretty special art project underway and the development of my exciting print business. Now, with the support of AI and a growth demand in the digital product (downloadable products) space, there's no better time to write a book or create a guide or course. And to this end, I work with aspiring writers to develop their projects to a healthy conclusion. 


As a female entrepreneur, the journey is not just about business; it's about self-empowerment, resilience, doing what you love everyday, and creating a legacy that reflects the strength of your purpose - living and leading with entrepreneurial spirit.


What's New

Of late, I've been locked away writing, working on bringing you three new book projects before the end of 2025. My most immediate love is words and story-telling, and boy oh boy have I got some stories to tell you! I have also been adding new prints to my Print Shop. If you haven't seen any of my prints so far go to the SHOWROOM and see how they look curated in homes and apartments. If you are a subscriber to my website you'll hear it first when a new book is launching and when I add new prints to the shop. 



 I can't wait to share these three new projects with you in 2024 - 25 

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A MEMOIR (2).jpg

Inspired by the words of Shirley Valentine, in the book and movie of the same name, Shirley says, "I’ve led such a little life. And even that will be over pretty soon. I have…allowed myself to lead this little life when inside me there was so much more. And it’s all gone unused. And now it never will be. Why do we get all this life if we don’t ever use it? Why do we get all these…feelings…and dreams and hopes…if we don’t ever use them." we learn how to step beyond the borders of our comfort zone and live our lives fully rather than merely survive our lives.

WHY DO WE HAVE ALL THIS LIFE is an updated edition of the best-selling title, STEPPING OUT by Julie Stafford (published by FIVE MILE PRESS in 1977.

I AM BRAVE 2 (11).jpg
I AM BRAVE 2 (10).jpg

I could never have envisioned the life I've been blessed to live. It has been a journey of great love, heart-wrenching loss, and trials and triumphs that surpassed my wildest dreams. It has been a journey across borders to find the characters and lessons that have healed me, changed me and grown me.  The roads I've travelled have taught me to keep an open mind as to why some people come into our lives briefly while others remain for a season and some stay for a lifetime. It has made me question if I chose the destinations I travelled to or whether destinations called me because somehow they knew I was ready for the lessons of them. But mostly my extraordinary life has taught me that sometimes it's in the unexpected, unexplainable, extraordinary moments of life where the profoundness of life shelters to reveal itself to you.

I AM BRAVE 2 (11).jpg
I AM BRAVE 2 (3).jpg

In 2006, six months after losing the man I'd adored for thirty years to terminal cancer, I packed a suitcase, leaving Australia  for a land unknown to me. Arriving in Dubrovnik, Croatia, a broken woman, ready to cry away my grief where no one knew me, I could never have imagined the people or experiences waiting there for me. It was my first taste of solo travel. Though that first adventure had many ups and downs what I learned from that experience set me on a path to travel every year thereafter. I have returned to Croatia every summer and used it as a springboard to venture further afield to Morocco, Spain, Portugal, France, the Caribbean, UAE, Canada and Alaska, USA, UK, Malta, Italy and Indonesia. 

Between 2015 and 2017 solo travel bookings increased a whooping 42%! Most of those bookings were by women. Solo women travellers say that the feeling of freedom and independence drives their decision to travel alone. Another 22% say they don’t want to wait around for other people, while 15% of respondents claim that solo travel is a way to challenge themselves and gain confidence. Of course, the reasons will vary from person to person but the trend is clear – solo travel is soaring in popularity. Still, it remains, one of the hardest things a first time solo woman traveller will do, is dine at a table for one. In TABLE FOR ONE I share my experiences taking my solo women travel readers on a journey from table to table around my global solo travels.


I am a mad keen photographer/artist and love sharing some of my favorite travel captures as prints to bring sunshine and stories to your walls. Prints can be ordered in small and large sizes. We can even get your prints framed for you and shipped to you anywhere in the world.

Through my prints you can travel with me to Paris, Morocco, Spain, Croatia, Uluru, Portugal, Melbourne and more.



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