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Seagulls on the Ganges

recently launched, Julie Stafford's debut novel

'Seagulls on the Ganges'

It's a timeless love story that will melt your heart.

NOW AVAILABLE in print and e-book format for all e-devices.


A Review

"There are some books that get under your skin. You feel as if the characters are your friends and there is a sense of loss as you come to the end. Days and even weeks after, you catch yourself thinking about those characters and wondering how they are, what they might be doing… and hoping for a sequel. ‘Seagulls on the Ganges’ was such a book for me. In the midst of heart crushing loss, Ellie’s courage and spirit shone like a beacon..." Lisa Victoria



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When you desire something so intensely, so passionately, and you believe, it
appears the universe will conspire to make it happen.

Following the whispers of your heart ...


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Always believe something wonderful is going to happen.

I've travelled extensively for the past 15 years and I'm delighted to be able to curate tours for the spirited adventurer to Morocco, and sailing adventures in Croatia. If you are already planning your next adventure for 2021 and beyond, and you would love to know more about my curated travel tours to Morocco or sailing in Croatia, please make contact with me.


PS. When COVID is behind us all I will revisit my writer's boot-camps in Morocco and Croatia.

Yes, please tell me more about your curated tours to Morocco and sailing in Croatia.


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